Saturday, January 18, 2014

come on's rally day...

Alright girly.  Danielle you've got people waiting to play and have you up and at em...don't keep your public waiting!  Mommy is declaring and hoping that today will be rally day.  One of those days where we all say "holy moly girlfriend, I cant believe how much better you're doing"....are you on board with this goal for sunday??

A recap of yesterday:  You still slept most of your day away and are struggling to find your voice but a few nice successes that you claimed...
- your fever was short lived and conquered by a nice bath that you slept through!
- by 6 pm you initiated a walk around the nurses station and pushed your own iv pole.  I think you knew your body really needed this, because afterward you were able to cough up / loosen up "gobs" more of that thick superglue like mucous that is giving you so much trouble. ( yes gobs is a highly official medical term..)
-we are getting a better handle on your secretions in general...using humidfied air, saline nebs, sponging your mouth and using suction
-we were discouraged by no progress in regards to oral intake even with stronger pain medication until 7 pm.  Then a new med was tried that actually numbs the inside of your throat,  also zofran to help decrease adding that you started to take in some fluids.  I can see a desire to eat is returning, and you get frustrated when you see food you want but cant make your mouth and throat cooperate to take it in.  Be frustrated will make you work hard to get back to what you love...eating and drinking.
- although 40 ml of liquids orally is a very small amount in the scheme of things, we worked very very hard to gradually conquer that tonight.  Little by little you did it!  I'm proud of you...and know it wasn't easy for you... but we have to start somewhere.  I'm thankful that your swallow is starting to figure itself out again.
- while you again slept a vast majority of the day, I did see your eyes open more often as you took in bits of a movie here or there or clutched on to your new toy horse...and you're trying to get that voice of yours to work again!

It's a good start sweet pea... and tomorrow I have faith that we'll blow all of those improvements out of the water... so sleep tight and get ready to have a wonderful day tomorrow...that's an order from mommy... love you dearly.

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  1. I think she'll be all over it and ready to get outta Dodge myself! Mom is usually right...