Friday, January 17, 2014

Updating you on Danielle's status...

This is probably the best way for me to update you since cell reciption is hit or miss here...

This is the scoop on danielle so far.  She has steadily declined instead of improved since her tonsillectomy on monday.  By thursday we were struggling so much to hydrate her at home that her urination stopped, so we knew it was time to go to the ED. 

We spent the whole day getting IV hydration and IV tordol. Once she urinated, they dc'ed us.  I was concerned about her gagging and choking when ever she did try to drink.  Our hope was that with the hydration she would rally on friday.

Friday things became worse, not better, so back to the ED we went.  By now she's been asleep 90% of the time since wednesday.  She has been admitted.  Danielle is the kind of gal who would love visitors and it would pep her up, unfortunately the hospital is on FLU protocol and she is only allowed to have 2 visitors the whole duration of her stay.  ( not 2 at a time, or two per day...but just 2 designated people and no others)  I'm sad because I know she would be uplifted by her grandma's, grandpa's or aunties and uncles coming to love on her.  If you have smart phones or an easy way to send pictures or videos to her she would probably love that....

I have been voicing my concern since our first ED visit about her gagging and choking.  Everyone said it was because she was in pain.  I think she is in pain, but I get the sense there is something physically wrong or malfunctioning with her swallow mechanism right now.  Her vitals are still good, her sats are good, and no temp.  She is now starting to heave and gag, no vomit bc she's eaten so little just flem and mucous, but definitely worsening of the vomiting type symptoms after trying to take her meds or sips of a drink.

Once we saw the doctor upstairs I again expressed my concerns.  She really took some time with danielle and examined her mouth/throat very thoroughly,  depressing her tounge and getting her to open as wide as possible.  A large amount of very thick, glue like mucous was able to be removed from the back of her mouth.  Also a colace pill ( gel like coating) was jammed in the back of her throat.  It was probably the one from tonight, because it would have dissolved if it was from this morning.  She was able to remove that carefully as well.

Our plan now is that danielle has been made NPO, ice chips and IV hydration and nutrician until tomorrow. She  has ordered an ENT consult for tomorrow and was surprised this hadn't been done yet.  Also they may order a swallow study to determine what textures of food or drink are safe at this time.  We need to be careful not to cause an aspiration pnuemonia as she's had in the past.  All her meds will be done IV for now, with the exception of one med that she's on daily - we are not sure if it has an IV form and it has withdrawl effects if stopped suddenly, so we are looking into that.

-Chest xray = clear  
-CBC= pretty close to normal
-still awaiting results on the nasal swab to check for flu, rsv etc
-still awaiting results on the urinalyisis

I think that's it for now...thank you for the prayers... keep em coming... and I guess catching that fainter in the hall did pay off because we have a private room with a shower... hallelujah!!


  1. Thinking of you guys! Sending my love and prayers ♥

  2. Thanks for blogging, Liz. I had no idea! Praying for a quick resolution and healing for Danielle! Elijah is having his tonsils/adenoids out on Monday. This scares me a bit, although I know all kids are different. Praying!!!