Thursday, June 11, 2015

post op day 3

Progress of the day:

This am the fever finally broke... it's back now, at 100.1 (tylenol on board) with a strange rash that we are monitoring, it's itchy, so we're wondering if it's a reaction to the pain medication?

IV hydration has been dc'ed.  He's eating a bit better today and drinking enough.

morphine pca has been dc'ed, he's on oral narcotic pain med w tylenol every 4 hours this is an improvement.

With creative measures we were successful in the poo department... let's just leave it at that!

Shea's brace was adjusted, and although he still hates it, it fits much better.  He was able to sit up in the chair for 1 1/2 hour each time.

It looks like there is a good chance that shea won't tolerate his own wheelchair for a while, ( too upright, not enough support ), so we will rent a recline back  wc with more support for the first month.  ( same type he had after his hip surgery )

Please pray:  Each time we sit him up more than 45 degrees he becomes very dizzy ( room spins, sweats, nauseous )  It seems like an inner ear reaction.  It takes a good 15 minutes for this to settle from severe to tolerable.  Also the first 10 minutes or so of sitting up his thighs have severe pain. Little man needs all of this to settle down so that he can make progress with his mobility and function.

also pray for his spirit... the pain and the vertigo like symptoms and the brace are wearing him down. Seeing him struggle so much is very hard for this mom too.

I hope tomorrow we will start to see some improvement in his ability to move his legs, they are very weak... that would be a very uplifting.... he is very frustrated that he can't get his hips and knees to "listen too him" like they used to.

The visits, cards, gifts and prayers to shea have been so appreciated and a nice needed distraction for him ( and us!)

until tomorrow...

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