Monday, June 15, 2015

12:20 AM Shea is in emergency surgery.... june 16th

You'll notice there have been no posts since Wednesday.  So much has happened to update about, but so little energy to update with...

Thursday AM when checked over by Dr Sanders Shea's very weak legs were even weaker...but still moving... by Thursday night the movement was almost gone, and Friday through the present it remains absent. Dr Sanders had left town to teach at a conference in NYC.

Also we were battling with the vertigo and pain control... There were so many things to prioritize.

His shunt was checked and cleared.  We were discharged from the hospital Saturday with a medically stable boy who "just had vertigo" and side effects from a long hard 12 + hour spinal surgery.

While still in Strong on Friday, and Saturday i told anyone who would listen that Shea couldn't move his legs anymore... the residents told me " it's just a side effect of surgery, be patient it will eventually come back"  I asked for xrays, or nerve conduction tests, .... "it's not needed"give it time was always the answer.

I went home but never unpacked my suitcases, and even had a sitter go fill the van with gas.  I was unsettled and needed to feel prepared.

I also called on call ortho on Sunday when we were home because the vertigo had gotten worse. They said give it time.  Monday AM I spoke with the ortho office and by now Dr Sanders was home and by afternoon he called me back directly.

Finally after Dr Sanders heard my concerns, there was no question, we were headed to the emergency room. The staff knew all about our arrival and we were speedily progressed to xray, put on IV and nothing to eat or drink. Over the next 8 hours little man had also had, an MRI and a CT scan.  He was admitted to a 4th floor room and then down to pre surgical.

His spinal cord is infact compressed, and likely has been since thursday night.  As of 12:20 they have taken him into surgery. Dr Sanders with 2 neuro doctors are preparing now.  I am very confident in Dr Sanders ability and wisdom, please pray not for shea only, but for every choice and movement that the surgeons make.  I am not at all pleased with the decisions that were made by other staff last week leading up to our discharge.... but I am looking forward right now.

The hope is that after decompression and time that the movement of shea's legs will return.  God please restore my son to his active, mobile, fast, all boy self.  Restore his cord, his nerve function, his mobility.  Protect his body medically through this whole ordeal...

Once Shea is through this surgery, he could possibly have another that needs to be done later this week depending on if hardware has to be removed or added.  The hardware that shea would need if the current devices aren't adequate are not in the hospital now as they are ordered ahead of time for planned surgeries.  My hope is that this will not be needed.

Pray for his spirit, he was a wreck, and kept telling me, "mommy i love you, don't leave, I don't want anymore surgery"  Little man has had enough...   I will never ever stop being the mother who fights for my child until the issue is heard.

I will try my best to keep you updated....  


  1. Praying, thanks to Amy Oliphant Crawford's post.

  2. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Please keep us posted

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  4. My heart aches for you all, but I am confident that God is going to heal Shea;s little body. Praying and thinking of you guys today. <3

  5. We are thinking of u guys and praying for you.

  6. Thinking of Shea and his family as you fight for his life!! May God bless him with complete healing and comfort him as he does so.
    Hang in there did the right thing.