Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Post Op Day One for Shea (aka Rocky)

Reporting in for our little man.  He is quite miserable today.  I think i saw three half smiles today.
For the first half of the day things were going along decently.  The arterial line was removed. Unfortunately no back brace yet...so no sitting up allowed.  They say it will be completed by tomorrow morning.  I'm looking forward to that when i wont be as nervous each time I help him change positions ( back, left, right repeat!)

Thank you to some special visitors from rookies and team grandpas / grandmas.  Also an early visit from Rose so mommy could do a fast coffee and toothbrush run to the first floor!  Shea was pretty out of it when some of you visited, but i know he loved seeing you, and that it provided him a bit of distraction from his distress.

About noon I noticed he was getting more uncomfortable ( possibly the anasthesia wearing off).... then his breathing would get rapid,  his 02 sats would drop and it was turning into a hard cycle to break.  We are keeping up with the pain meds, and at times it seemed like the anxiety and breathing was more of a problem than the pain.. We tried adding some valium to calm him and relax his breathing but didn't seem to do much, so then added oxygen and he went quickly from the 80's to mid 90's and he seemed much more relaxed after this..

I breathed a sigh of relief, and then noticed shivering...the tell tale sign, and bam - fever of 103.4. with tylenol on board.  We do have it down to 99.5 now.  It could be a typical post surgical "my body has been through the wringer" fever.  We are however doing a urinalysis, and keeping a close eye on his lungs and incision.   Depending on the course of his first tests, and how his fever trends will help us decide what action to take later today and tomorrow.  Whatever the case, really hoping to get sitting and moving a bit more tomorrow.

That is about all for now.  Hopeful for a quiet night.  Happy to get a few minutes of lovin' in with emily today.  Missing my Simon and Danielle... As always thank you for checking in and for all the prayers...


  1. Our prayers are with you and shea

  2. thanks for the update... hope all is going well now. Our prayers and thoughts are with you!