Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Go To

Picture kermit the frog, miss piggie, fozzie the bear, gonzo, some chickens, scooter and animal in choreographed dance...

A catchy tune erupts to the words....  "iiiiii've got everything that I neeeeed, right in front of me...."!

No i haven't dressed up my family and asked them to audition for community theatre... (although that's not a bad idea).  

It's just that this movie is now Danielle's "go to".  You see Danielle has always had one movie that is her go to.  That means this is the movie she enjoys.  It is the movie that helps her unwind, this movie helps her during transitions, it gives her joy when she's already happy and it gives her comfort when she's struggling.  This movie changes every once in a while.  For a long time it was veggie tales.  Then Annie claimed this spot for a year or so.  Right now it's this particular Muppets Movie.  Now understand... if allowed Danielle would watch her "go to" 4 or 5 times each day.  We compromise at about once.  I will admit, I let her pop it in here and there through out the day as a coping tool.  Heck 3 1/2 minutes of the muppets to avoid a melt down, or a moody child... yes i will submit!  It's great for bribery too... exercise for 5 minutes then you can watch... eat your vegetables then you can watch... take a bath then you can watch ...    Everyone needs a "go to" right?

I have to say I've been blessed that when Danielle gets rigid in her demand for a repetitive movie choice, the girl has good taste.  It's almost always a musical, and it's almost always a movie that i secretly really like too.  Danielle will sing... no she will bellow along to the songs regularly, and she has many parts of the scripts memorized.  In her daniellese language she narrates right along with the script, praises the good guys, scolds the bad guys and cheers at victory.  It really is cute to see. 

Her movies are filled with catchy fun songs, and i do find my self humming many of them often throughout the day even when there is not a child in sight.

"I've got everything that I need, right in front of me"  Life's a happy song.... 
 click here and take a listen... you will smile

I'll be honest.  I sat down to write this blog and had no idea what was going to be scribed.  I didn't want to give "just another update" on the millions of overwhelming things that are happening in our family right now.  How in the world did I end up here?  I'll tell you.... i am on a restful retreat overnight with Dan.  My dear hubby has picked out the perfect norman rockwell town for us and a beautiful room to stay in.  There's not a sound to be heard, no tv, no children, and I had a good nights sleep.... and what was I humming when i woke up???  Muppets songs!  Good grief!  But listen to those words... they are great.  They are perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving season.

God is telling me two things this morning... or maybe 3 or 4 even.  This may just be for me right now... or maybe a friend or two of mine can take comfort in this today as well.

 First:  everyone needs a "go to".  And i don't mean a person, or a food, or a guilty pleasure to unwind or lean on.  We need a "go to" that is inpirational, positive, refreshing, strength giving.  We need this "go to" on a daily basis.  We need this "go to" many times each day.  I have one... It's God, it's His Word.  Do you have a "go to"?  I wish I would use my Go To more consistantly.... that i was more faithful at it.  I know I will always have times of weakness or being overwhelmed.  Times of comfort seeking or needing a boost.  I am human, that will never go away.  I have peace that just as those struggles of mine will never go away...neither will my Go To....

Second:  I will be very honest with anyone who has stuck it out and is still reading my ramblings... I have had a month or more of feeling a more than normal amount of anxiety...  having feelings of being overwhelmed.  First of all I recognize they are just that... feelings.  Our life circumstances right now are really no different than any other time in our life.  In fact we've had much more trying times in the past when i've felt more in control and strong.  I'm not sure why lately i've been fumbling around with these overwhelmed feelings... maybe it was just the medically hard summer I had, or the lunar cycle, or the tide patterns. hormones?  heck who knows... I know it will pass, and I know I have my "Go To".  AND... just listen to those lyrics.... I have everything that I need, right in front of me...!  The things I am fearful or anxious about are a rich persons problems.   Going crazy because my house is a wreck?  Be thankful I have a home and stuff in it.  Annoyed because the laundry mountain can never be conquered?  Be thankful that my children have clothes on their back!  Afraid of illnesses that may target my children?  Take assurance that we live near spectacular medical care.  Fretting over a son's ability to read and write?  Take a minute and remember where this little man might have been right now.  I could go on for hours like this... are you getting the picture?.... I've got everything that i need, right in front of me....

Third:  The song goes on to say... Life's a happy song with someone at your side to sing along!  I certainly have that.  Much of the busyness and stress comes from my 4 little wonders... but i can't imagine life without them.  Many of my fears and anxieties come from wanting what is best for them and trying to keep them protected.  I certainly have a family at my side... and they sure do sing along a lot!  We have an intense month ahead of us, and i welcome the singing...( if you haven't listened to the song yet... go up and click that link... i promise it will bring you cheer )

Feel free to scroll down and get a glimpse of our happy song of the last few months.  Yes it has notes that are off key, and instruments that need tuning...and sometimes the director looses her cool... but we sing on none the less :)

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