Thursday, October 9, 2014


This entry is probably only of interest for a select handful of you.  Some have wanted to know more about this program.  So if you decide not to read on, no problem!  This may mostly be for the special needs mammas :)   ( both simon and shea are enrolled in the 10 day colorectal bowel management clinic, as well as coordination with urology testing and consultation)  The goal is that whatever GI and uro surgery that may need to be done in the future can be done with a team approach so that things are combined when able, and done in the appropriate order for best outcomes.

We made it to Cincinnati, well really Kentucky on tuesday night after a very very long drive.  It was a great help to have grandma kulp along and the boys did surprisingly well.

Since we would need to be at the Children's Hospital bright and early... I had to do late night bowel regimines for both of them to be ready for our first day of tests... along with the normal night time meds, routine and shea's injection... and getting settled into our it was a late night for the boys.

Day one was largely spent getting the baseline imaging of the lower GI system, via a contrast enema. The boys did really was a long day for them.   Many images were taken of how the dye moved through their system, and it was a way to look at anatomy size and shape as well.  The rest of day one and portions of day 2 were spent...."recovering" from this test.  We did enjoy a nice evening trip to the river front... with a few "recovery" gliches... but nothing mom couldn't handle right?

Day was actually our only weekday without medical appointments.  We took advantage of this to hit the Cincinnati Zoo, and to get in some swimming ( by evening that was finally safe). Also we are plugging away at Shea's homework.  Now the boys are in bed, as we prepare for another early and full day at the hospital tomorrow.

We will keep you posted.  The other mentionable thing is that this country bumpkin is not used to driving in a big city like this.  The roads and traffic here make rochester driving feel like a breeze!  So far so good...prayers for my city driving would be appreciated.  That's one thing I really didn't think too much about ahead of time.

Will post again in a few days for those of you who are following for possible future visits to this program.

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