Wednesday, October 15, 2014

eyes heavy...just a quick one ( cincinnati )

Just a quick one tonight as i'm super tired...

Monday through wednesday have been spent doing many tests to help the team collaborate for Fridays consultations about if any other treatment or surgical options will be advised.  It's good to know a team approach is being used.  Right now we aren't even assigned a specific urologist...because it's a team of urologists and colorectal md's who review each case together...(so that it's not just a team made of one doctor from each specialty...but a few docs from each specialty so the best / smartest plan can be made...)

we've had renal ultrasounds, vcug's, cystograms, urodynamics, mri's, daily colon xrays, and our continued morning treatments...etc etc

so a long long week, but we are adding fun in when ever possible :) I'm anxious for friday outcomes, dreading the long drive home, thankful for the help and support to make this happen, and looking forward to being home soon...

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