Monday, December 14, 2015

tentatively hopeful !?

Day time has again brought more stable pressures.  That is his trend, good pressure when awake, pressure rises when asleep.  He had many spikes last night.  Nursing was in and out of his room all night.  More fluid was taken off of his ventricles to relieve the stress.   It will take another few days to get the results of the clear fluid that was leaking from his lower back, to rule CSF leak in or out.  The plan since 7 am is to try the next 24 hours without draining excess CSF off his ventricles when his pressures rise incase it is a lumbar leak, and to see if he can still be asymptomatic.    ( I really wonder if we’ve had a slow leak for months that wasn’t diagnosed, or if one of the two previous dural tear repair sites was stressed now that CSF flow was improved after the ETV procedure….) It’s a bit of guessing for now until we get more tests back. 

Tonight they will watch him carefully, and if his pressures rise above parameters we will attempt not draining him to see how he responds in regards to vitals and physical stability.  On call neuro will walk the night nurses through all the decisions with Dr Li’s input.  He also had the rapid MRI again today.  The lateral ventricles are a bit reduced compartd to last week and the cisterns that the 3rd ventricle now should drain into bc of the ETV show fluid in them.   We will see how it goes without draining him for the next day, and there is a chance the drain can be removed in the next day or two.  It’s likely we will have another rapid mri soon to recheck the ventricles after not draining for 24 to 48 hours.
Once the lumbar fluid leak results are back we can take all of this and try to make some decisions.  It sounds certain that we will be in ICU until tues night or wednesday at minimum.

If we do have a csf leak ( which we continue to hope that we don’t !!), Dr Li would help to decide if it needs to have a patch repair or not.  If so then Dr Sanders would do this in Rochester after we are dc’ed from here.

Our update today is a whole lot of unknowns,  but he’s comfortable and playing.  So many in ICU are grave and fragile compared to us…. So we are thankful. 

The barbershop quartet just sang their way through the icu halls and we’ve hung a few Christmas lights…. So we are hopeful  for an easier night with less bells and alarms, and good progress tomorrow.

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