Sunday, December 13, 2015

evenings and nights .... our witching hours

Shea had a really good day, followed by a awful evening development. The good part of the report is that fever was very low or absent today, no pain, no headaches, and he spent a good deal of the day up in his chair. He didn't have any high pressure issues either.

Saturday morning the dressing from december 4th back surgery was due to come off of the lower spine. Saturday I commented to the nurse how sweaty he was, i needed to change his gown because of dampness on his back.

Again today another "sweaty back". I decided to take a look at his incision just to make sure. As i watched him a drop of clear fluid came out of his incision. I dabbed it away with gauze. Then another drop, then another... and this continued.

I asked the nurse to paige neuro. They came and assessed and called Dr Li. It was decided to take a sample of this fluid to send off to the lab. We are hoping above hope that it's simply serous drainage, and not CSF leaking. ( We had suspected CSF leak during our emergency room visit and admission in november, but they ruled it out. During the Nov 13th surgery ( # 4 of 7 since june ) there was a dural tear which was repaired.

This was all very painful for shea, even with morphine. The leak was from incision on his keloid...which is very sensitive tissue. He would cry out that it made his legs hurt and his pulse went through the roof. I hate hate hate seeing him struggle over and over again.

I asked them to give him versaid to calm him down and possibly make it so he wouldn't remember as much, because the next step was to put 2 stiches in to close the leak to outside air.

Prayer requests... that tonight his pressure would not spike, that temp would not spike and that the steady flow of clear mystery fluid is NOT a CSF leak. Even with none of tonight's issues considered we have to make it through at least 2 full days and nights without pressure spikes of 5 minutes before they will consider pulling the csp monitor and csf drain.

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayer.

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