Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shea's Surgery - Day One


We are winding down on "day one".  He was very very brave going into surgery as you can see from the "before" picture.  Shea was in for 3 hours, and the doc is pleased with the outcome on the table.  He completed the bone graft / reshaping of the acetabulum.  The femur needed to be cut, the head of the femur rotated and then reaffixed with hardware, and he did tighten the hip capsule via stitching.  Our little man is on IV antibiotics, morphine, and NSAIDS.  His hip pain is well controlled, but he's fighting a nasty headache most of the day.  I'm hoping by morning they can decrease his morphine and I'm wondering if this will help eliminate his headache.  He is cathed, and has a blood drainage tube as well.  Urine output is a bit they are keeping an eye on that.  I've been told he has "things" that need to be done at 11, 1, and 6 in regards to meds and input output measures...and also we are repositioning him every 2 hours through the night.  We will be busy!  The nurses have been great so far.  A big goal for tomorrow is to have the bedrest order lifted and get him up into a chair, as well as meet with the PT to go over details of the wheelchair order, and other details.  The puppy dogs have been great for propping various body parts...and I'm sure all the other stuffed friends at home will come in handy also.  I think a shopping run to buy some body pillows and a bean bag or two will also be in our near future.  Thanks for the kind words and prayers.  Also a special request...we've been talking to shea about the fact that this surgery will help his hip to "work better" but that he will still need leg braces and his walker to ambulate.  I'm hoping he understands this...many people have innocently spoken out loud about the fact that surgery will "help shea to walk on his own" and well you know little ears take it all in!!  He woke up today and said...mommy I need to walk.  I'm hoping that was just an expression of wanting to change positions and get out of bed, not a young mind misunderstanding the big picture.... guard his little heart and soul God... I'm sure you will.  Good night all... Good bye "day one".


  1. Thanks for the update, Liz. Hope he does well tonight and is on the way to a speedy recovery.

  2. Sending my hugs and prayers to you both!!!!

  3. Continued prayers to all the Kulps especially Shea!!! Love the Freelands!!!!

  4. Hi Shea (this is my fourth try to send you a note)

    I think you look very pretty, your outfit and matching hat are gorgeous. : )

    Please, remember that God is caring for you and your family just like He has promised!!
    God is awesome in this place (hospitals too)!!!
    Judy xoxoxo

  5. Glad to hear all went well. We said a prayer for him. Simon is happy here at school so all is good :)

  6. Hey Shea
    I'm waiting for an update. What pretty clothes are you wearing today??

    I know - I'm just trying to make you laugh, maybe smile...come on one little smile.

    Thinking of you LOTS!!