Saturday, May 19, 2012

simon's angels

What a wonderful and exhausting day...

We took the kids horseback riding again today...thank you grandma and grandpa for going with me to help, while dan held down the fort with our garage sale at home.  Once home, I was spending some time with simon (in the bathroom of course!), contemplating his day at the times he seemed more interested in his cup of water than the horses, or more intrigued by the grain of the wood on the fence, than the beauty of the farm.  In my brain I sighed...and wondered to myself - does simon really benefit from being driven all the way to webster for riding, or is it more to make myself feel good about "giving him this opportunity"??  I guess simon's angels were reading my thoughts...because as I was having this mental arguement with myself simon (from the toilet of course) signed horse, and "said" -fun- with no prompting!  OK God, enough said!  Thank you for answering me so quickly.

updates on life...

- emily is officially no longer "a baby" she has transformed into "that little human" who gets into everything, and is completely mobile through the house...!!! oh dear ~

-shea informed me recently that he was going to marry a "lady with a pretty dress", and that he was going to have 3 kids, 2 girls and one boy..." this all came about because I was very very mean mamma and have not been helping him put on his pants this week... I tease him, and say...when you're a grown up I'm not driving to your house everyday to put your pants on for you... hence the "planning for the future"  good grief!  Also our little planner has presented me with a list of post surgery prizes that he should receive for being brave...boy does he know how to work the system!

-danielle was so sweet tonight as she handpicked which toy to take to bed with her... her soft china girl baby doll won this evening, it was so cute tucking the "twins" into bed.  Danielle graduated to her first "out of the coral" ride today, and enjoyed her time in the meadow.  Such a big girl.


  1. Love it! Thanks for the updates! :-)

  2. Really enjoy the updates. Each is so precious. : )

  3. Hey Shea - you look pretty no matter what you are wearing!!

    I love you. ♥ Judy

    Remember - lots of people have been praying for you, and for your mom, for your dad, and for Simon, and for Danielle, and for Baby Emily. God will take care of you, all of you, just as He has promised.