Thursday, July 16, 2015

We are not consumed

This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.  It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.   - Lamentations 3:21-22

I write from a different place today than i did a few weeks ago.  

Shea's pain is much better, and our little courageous fighter can now try new things, accept new challenges and push himself because he isn't drowning in pain.  This makes mom very happy.

Although he is still unable to bear weight through his legs in standing or kneeling, he is making progress in many other ways.  ( as those of you know who have been subjected to my facebook videos!)

Probably amongst his biggest accomplishments lately, is that he is tolerating his every day wheelchair much better, and at times propelling it himself!  He can roll from left to right without help.   He can also get up into hands and knees on his own now... andhe has a new "scoot" that he has taught himself which can get him 10 feet or so at a time.  

Shea is also getting out of his wheelchair to the floor on his own, pulling himself up into sitting position, and in general spending much more time out of bed!

Since my little man is more comfortable, and making progress that i can see each week, mommy is coping better.  I have less fear and more hope.  I can focus more on the progress and focus less on the "what ifs".  For this I am very thankful.  Recovery is as much mental as it is physical for the "patient" and the "caregiver".

We do have a very irritated screw from shea's spine which is causing a pressure "hot spot" and we are having to be very careful that it doesn't open up and form a wound.  He's been swimming to exercise his legs and trunk as well.  Also, drum roll please, he's figured out how to drive his jeep again!

Shea also begrudgingly can put on his own braces and socks... although he's not so motivated by that!

We await his wheeled stander.  I appears it will be at least another month and a half before we get through all the insurance red tape... so we try to be patient.  He continues to use a borrowed one each day, but it's too small for him and causes some pressure areas in regions that it shouldn't, so we must limit his time it it to prevent sores.  I am very glad we have it though, it is really the only way to truly get him upright.

His next appointment is tuesday, and we will talk about return to school plans.  For now we have a tutor coming each day to help him catch up on what he missed during the school year.  

I am happy to report that "we are not consumed".  The first few weeks home were at times awful and terrible.  Now we are learning new ways of life and making them ours... for now.   We have our eyes set on the prize, and will keep pushing and perservering until then.  Life is not at all easy, or calm... but we are no longer being caught up the the fury of turbulant fear and pain and trauma...There is hope, and encouragement, and because of that, we are blessed.

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