Friday, March 20, 2015

Helping the woman who saved simon's life...literally.

As Simon's parents we did not "save simon's life", or even "rescue" him as many people often say.

No, God put another person in that role.  A villager found him in the snowy woods and brought him to the police station.  That was the first time our son's life was saved.

Later, simon was sent to the wellfare institute ... not to live, but literally to die.  Simon had no opening for his waste to leave his body.  Normally this would surgically be corrected immediately to save a newborns life.  Not the case for simon... he was sent to the wellfare institute to struggle for a few days and then cease to take breaths.

The woman who was used by God to save MY SON's life is named Joyce Hill.

She is a British doctor, who discovered my simon and his deformity.  Without getting permission, processing paperwork or weighing the risk she took simon from the wellfare institute and with only hours to spare arranged for the surgery that would save his life.

I did not resuce him.... she did.  She literally saved simon's life....

Joyce and her husband Robin have saved countless children.  With a heavy heart i read as they sent our an urgent plea today.  Here is some of it....

I am going to help... but my help will not make a dent.  I need your help also.  If you could honor simon by helping the Hill's we would be very very grateful.  I would also like to ask you to help me spread the word.  I can reach a few hundred... could each of you reach another group as well?

I think of my son and what his fate would have been without this ministry.... I shudder.  Please read and take action.

Click here to see Robin and Joyce Hill's ministry  please go to this link to help...

Dear friends and supporters
Over the last few months there has been a big fall in support for the Beijing Center of New Hope Foundation and we have found ourselves in a position that means we have to reduce costs dramatically.
This means we have had to relocate 14 of our babies to other of our care centres in Henan. These centres are fully supported by our partners Show Hope so the baby’s long term care is assured, also 4 babies close to adoption back to their CWI.
This allows us to let 30 nannies go this month, we will need to reduce further if more funding does not come in for Beijing Center.
The situation today is that we need US$200,000 to pay outstanding bills and this month’s staff salaries Going on to the future we need to see at least 3 months running cost ($150,000) in our account to remain viable.  So totally we needUS$350,000 as soon as possible.
 This has been a very difficult decision to make but we are putting the wellbeing of the babies currently in our care, as our top priority. No babies who still need medical or surgical care will be returned to their orphanages. Many will be relocated to our centers in Henan which are located within the orphanages but they will still be in our care. We are hoping that many will be adopted as soon as possible but this is not within our control.
We began this work 15 years ago when we felt called by God to do so. We have trusted Him in everything that we have done and we continue to trust Him at this difficult time. We need to exercise wisdom as we carry on with this work and this is what we have to do now. We see the future as a smaller but financially stable Beijing Center, as this is where we are recognized and registered by the Chinese government. For all our other centers to continue to function, we need to keep our Beijing center open.
We have deeply appreciate all the support and friendship that we have received from you. Perhaps, over the years, we have taken on too much in our desire to help as many babies as possible.
Looking forward to seeing what is the next step for New Hope Foundation.
Robin & Joyce Hill
Founders New Hope Foundation.

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