Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a word from the kulp kids...

A handful of people have asked mom when she's going to update her blog... we don't know what is taking her so long, for goodness sakes...all she does is sit around watching grey's anatomy and eating bonbons...we basically take care of ourselves...geesh...

Anyway, since mom is taking so long to get back to her blogging, we thought we would write an entry for her and maybe she would get her act together and start posting regularly again...

After wrestling for it, we have decided to update you in chronological order...

Danielle - life is pretty (can I hold the baby?) good lately.  I've been practicing a lot with my dynavox, at home (can I hold the baby?) and at school.  I really really love my (can I hold the baby?) new sister emily ... well as long as she's not crying.  Mom says I might be transferring (can I hold the baby?) schools soon...I'll keep you (can I hold the baby?) posted on that ...we're not quite sure about all the details yet.  Ohh ears are giving me a bit of trouble...hopefully the doc will (can I hold the baby?) figure out how to make my hearing better soon.  I'm growing like a (can I hold the baby?) weed, and right now I'm pretty fixated on helping baby doll emily...   where is that baby doll anyway?

Simon here - Mom and Dad say I have a lot of hills and valleys.  Mom was getting pretty stressed out a few weeks ago, bc she said I was having a "non verbal grumpy streak" whatever that means!!  So to help her relax I've been super duper happy and talkative for about 2 weeks now.  She won't stop telling everyone about it...geesh!  I still can't stand the feel of shoes on my feet...I'm not sure how all you shoe wearing people do it!?  I really love love love emily...she loves it when I kiss her and leave lots of slobber on her head and face.  I'm really gentle with her...but mom won't let me tote her around the house like one of my teddy bears...I don't get it??  I think mom just wants to hog up emily all to herself...ohh well, I make her smile all the time!  I think my new brother and sister may even be more interesting than the patterns in the carpet or my elmo movies... mom is still slacking so I'll let Shea fill you in...

Shea - well...I've been an American now for over 3 months and I turned 5!  Mom worries a little that I don't speak ANY Russian anymore...she's gotta chill out!  I'm rockin' kindergarten, I L O V E riding the big yellow bus.  Mom keeps taking me to all these different doctors, hopefully we'll be done with all that jazz soon.  I guess pretty soon I'm going to have some "major work done" on my teeth...then I hear I might be getting a "fixer upper" on my left hip.  I think I'm going to keep mom and dad busy for a while!  They gave me these new robot leg things...they're OK I guess...once they are on and I'm walking I like em OK...but they kind of slow me down when I'm trying to scoot away from mom on my hands and knees.  I give her heck when it's time to use them...but she keeps saying I'll like them someday!  It is pretty cool that I can walk tall with em...and I've conned them into giving me pennies when I do a good job :) is pretty good!  See ya later alligator... I'm gonna grit you!

Emily - well I may not be able to talk yet...but I can write...shhh don't tell daddy.  Geeze Louise!...what a family I've been born into.  Looks like I'm gonna have to be one tough cookie!  Mom is all sad and teary cause she's going back to work part time tomorrow...but come on mom...hold it together, Daddy is going to be so much fun!  For the last 2 nights I've decided to cut mom a break and I've slept for 7 hours for her.  She seems so happy when i do that!  I just discovered these long things at the end of my body...if I kick them around alot they make my chair bounce up and down... pretty cool.  I've also started to coo, and I've managed to laugh twice.  Mom gets really silly when I do these things and calls the whole town over to see.  Weird!  Oh yeah...I've had 2 ear infections so far and I'm only stinkin' 8 weeks old (today!)  Thanks alot Simon, Shea and Danielle...I know we're supposed to share and all...but keep your cooties to yourself please.  Well I better go...don't want mom to catch me on the computer, I think I'm technically too little to be surfing the net.  Bye Bye, burp, coo!


  1. this blog post is so stinkin' FUN! thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!! i love your family!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to see the updates! Emily is a living doll. She's absolutely beautiful, Liz. :-)

    And how fun to see Shea up SO straight! Hope he adjusts to his new legs soon. Thanks for the picture. I have missed his smile! And NO Russian, huh? He amazes me.

    Hey, I just showed Elijah his picture and asked him who it was. Without hesitation, he said, "TOOOOE"! I can only assume he is as smart as a tack and was trying to say "Toma". :-) I love it!

    Hope to see more pictures when you can. Praying as you head back to work. Love ya!

  3. Thanks for the update! :) Love seeing how everyone is doing! Pictures do count as updates too! :)


  4. Please thank the children for the updates - they are truly amazing...

  5. I have been so eager to see how Shea settled in - this update is the highlight of tonight's insomnia for me! *grin* Great updates of all of your precious kiddos.

  6. I just wanted to drop by and say "Hi" from After the Rainbow. If you need anything please feel free to contact me and also make sure to take advantage of the After the Rainbow group (email me if you need an invite). ATR is such a great group of families and such a wealth of experience and support!

    Rachel Whitmire
    Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
    Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry

  7. Hello Kulp Family,

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    John Martin
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  8. Hey! We’re putting on an online live Q&A with Dr. Levitt from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital about fecal incontinence related to spina bifida, on February 22nd, 2012 at 7:00pm ET. If you’d like to participate in the event, you can RSVP here: If you’re interested in hosting the event on your site or blog and would like some more info, please contact me, John Martin at john (at) Thanks!